'A Flogged Niece' Pts 1&2 Digis


'Hearing-Strap' Pt 3 Video


'Intake Day' Pts 3&4 Digis


'Intruder' Pt 5 Digis

Kami and Lilly
'Torture for Two'

Oh dear, not content just getting herself thrashed, Kami tries to enlist the help of the naive and innocent young Lilly. Hearing of her imminent parole, Kami pursuaded Lilly to smuggle out her story. Big mistake, for both of them. Now the pretty little Lilly gets her first taste of what a real beating is all about, but not before she has to witness Kami being flogged in all manner of ways.

'Spanking New House'

So, with The Prison filling up due to all of those bad girls out there needing rehabilitation, our haughty Miss Rutherford is sent to a "Half Way House" to prepare her for the big wide world. What she doesn't expect, is the staff just happen to use the house as their retreat, where they can enjoy their work more. And our Amelia doesn't like that very much so her first lesson is that this house is not for the disobedient or unruly. Good job she meets Matron on her first day to set her straight....

'Judicial Beating'

Pandora's unwillingness to co-operate with the Governor and help him infiltrate a known ring of conspiritors leaves him with no choice but to sentence her to a judicial flogging. A no nonsense, very officious beating that leaves her in no doubt as to The Guv's disappointment. He didn't want to cause her so much pain, but what could he do......?




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